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New software update for the Falcon-NEO adds support for unlocking drives locked using ATA Security Standard, adds spanning of Net Traffic to File images over multiple destination drives. Go to Falcon-NEO

FALCON-NEO REVIEW: "...Logicube has once again produced the most complete state of the art extremely user-friendly solution for digital forensic investigations and IT management..." Read the complete review

Blazing fast, the ZXi-10G, is the newest addition to Logicube's hard drive duplication family. The only duplicator on the market with two 10GbE network connections for fast cloning to/from a network repository or NAS. Features 6 SATA/SAS-ready targets, with an optional expansion of 4 targets and features 8 USB 3.0 targets. Also supports cloning to/from Thunderbolt storage enclosures. ZXi-10G

Since 1999 Logicube has been the world leader in Hard Drive Duplication and Forensic Imaging hardware. IT departments around the world in corporate, military, government, medical and education markets use Logicube duplicators for all their hard drive duplication tasks including back-ups, PC rollouts, software application deployment and for secure sanitization of hard drives. Our digital forensic imaging solutions, including our flagship Falcon and our next-generation Falcon-NEO, meet the demanding requirements of forensic investigators around the globe. Our products have become the gold-standard for forensic imaging solutions, with advanced features and ease-of-use that we're known for.

If you’re not sure which solution is right for your specific requirement we have a team of knowledgeable people to help you choose. We’re committed to not just meeting but exceeding customer expectations with our product innovation, quality and our customer service.

Featured Products:

  • Talon® Ultimate

    The Talon Ultimate is a high-performance, feature rich and easy-to-use forensic imaging solution. Extremely fast imaging speeds of over 40GB/min and the ability to image from 1 source to 3 destinations makes it ideal for all your imaging, wiping, hashing tasks. Supports SATA, USB3, PCIe, FireWire with optional support available for SAS.

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  • Forensic Falcon®-NEO

    The Forensic Falcon-NEO is the next-generation of the ground-breaking Falcon forensic imager. Achieving imaging speeds surpassing 50GB/min, it features two 10GbE network connections, can image from 4 source drives to 6 destinations simultaneously and provides efficient and secure digital evidence collection. The future-focused Falcon-NEO sets new standards in digital forensic imaging technology.

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  • ZXI™-10G

    The ZXi-10G is designed for high-volume duplication, clone up to 10 SATA, 8 SAS or 8 USB drives. Ultra-fast cloning speeds of up to 29GB/min., 2 10GbE network connections for efficient cloning to/from a network repository or NAS. Optional PCIe module will support cloning to 7 PCIe targets.

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