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Welcome to the new Logicube website and blog

Dear valued Logicube clients and customers:


Welcome to Logicube’s new website! As our website is our primary mode of communicating with you, we have listened to your voices and ideas and have created a new site which we believe will be far more responsive to what you have asked of us. We are now proud to unveil a site that not only has a vibrant “look and feel” to it which represents the spirit and commitment of a company that is constantly creating new technologies and products, but is also more organized, easier to navigate, clearer, and offers you multiple ways of communicating back with us to share your feedback and stories. Over the next few months we’ll be talking with you about a lot of topics on this site including:


  • New products and features in both the Hard Drive Duplication space as well as eForensics
  • Partnerships created to enhance your customer experience with us
  • Stories from some of the clients using our devices


In the mean time, we invite you to look around and explore! Also, if you ever like to share your stories and experiences with us to be considered for being featured on the blog portion of this site or as a use case, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at stories@logicube.com



Farid Emrani, Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer