Forensic Imager & Uploader

Designed for digital forensic labs, the ZXi™-Forensic’s blazing fast imaging speeds of over 50GB*/min and three Gigabit Ethernet ports streamline forensic imaging processes. The solution provides a network “Push” feature that allows users to upload images from up to 3 evidence drives directly to a network repository simultaneously. Add the optional 3 drive expansion kit to push up to a total of 5 evidence drives.

  • Extreme speed, imaging at over 50GB/min*
  • Designed for digital forensic labs
  • Three Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Network “Push” feature to upload images to a network repository from 3 evidence drives simultaneously
  • Image from 3 suspect drives to a network repository or to 3 evidence drives simultaneously
  • Secure sensitive evidence data with whole disk, open standard, drive encryption using the NIST recommended XTS-AES-256 cipher mode, decrypt using the ZXi-Forensic or Veracrypt
  • Optional expansion kit adds 3 additional destination drives


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