The ZX-Tower™ (also known as ZX-T),wipe solution provides secure sanitization of hard disk drives. The ZX-T delivers blazing fast wiping at 24GB/min. The multi-target ZX-T allows organizations to easily wipe up to 8 target hard drives simultaneously and also allows user to wipe up to 4 USB 3.0 enclosures. A simple to use icon-based interface and a 5″ color touch screen makes it easy to operate for all skill levels. The unit features a secure erase mode, a custom pass wipe setting and a powerful DoD specification 7-pass wipe mode.

The ZX-T provides built-in support for 3.5″ SAS/SATA hard drives and and support is available for 2.5″ SATA and 2.5″ SAS with optional slide-in cartridge adapters. Four USB 3.0 ports supports wiping of USB thumb drives and enclosures. Optional adapters are available to support other drive interfaces including IDE, ZIF, mSATA, microSATA,M.2 PCIe (AHCI & SATA types), eSATA and flash media. Please reference our adapter guide for details on which adapters are required. ZX-Tower Adapter Guide.

Network connectivity is easily accomplished via two gigabit ethernet ports. Advanced administrative features include a Task Macro, a detailed audit trail/log report, remote control via a web browser and the ability to set user profiles. Three USB 2.0 host ports are available to connect a keyboard and mouse to the ZX-T.

The ZX-T provides IT professionals in corporate and manufacturing environments the ability to quickly and confidently erase hard drive data, ensuring that drives are properly sanitized prior to re-purposing or disposal.

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