High-Volume Hard Drive Duplicator

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The ZCloneXi (also known as ZXi), is the next generation of the popular ZClone duplicator from Logicube. The ZXi delivers blazing fast hard drive duplication at 24GB/min* with an easy to use and intuitive interface that makes it simple to operate for all skill levels. The base unit supports up to 5 targets (6 targets if cloning from a network repository). An expansion option increases the number of targets up to 10. The ZXi supports both mirror copy (100% bit for bit) and also features a “CleverCopy” mode that intelligently copies only data areas of the hard drive.

The ZXi provides built-in support for SATA and optional support for SAS drives. Three USB 3.0 ports supports cloning of USB thumb drives and enclosures. Optional adapters are available to support other drive interfaces including IDE, ZIF, M.2 PCIe (SATA & AHCI type), mSATA, microSATA, eSATA and compact flash media. The ZXi supports Solid State drives (SSDs).

Network upload/download is easily accomplished via two gigabit ethernet ports. The optional Verification/Hash feature gives users the ability to verify the exact replication of the master drive. Advanced administrative features include a Task Macro, remote control via a web browser and the ability to set user profiles.

The unit can also safely sanitize drives with a wipe feature. Users can choose from a Secure Erase, a custom pass setting or a DoD wipe of 7 passes. The wipe feature supports NIST 888-80 guidelines.

This industrial-strength hard drive cloner provides IT professionals with a solution that efficiently performs hard drive duplicating tasks including PC deployments, O/S upgrades, content/application distribution and data back-up tasks.


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