Hard Drive Duplicator

This easy-to-use 1 to 1 hard drive duplicator supports cloning SCSI hard drives. Check out our product overview video on the SCSI-NG hard drive duplicator here, Educational Videos

The SCSI-NG is a compact, portable SCSI hard drive duplicator. Efficient cloning makes it easy to copy SCSI hard drives for back-up, drive testing and all your duplication tasks. The unit features a Gigabit Ethernet network port to conveniently use the browser-based interface to manage all SCSI-NG operations.

Comprehensive log reports provide detailed information about each task performed. An optional Wipe feature can securely erase hard drives using a SCSI format command, a custom pass, or a 7 pass DoD specification wipe.

  • Clone from 1 SCSI master to 1 target drive at speeds of up to 8GB/min
  • Supports 100% mirror copy or use Logicube’s CleverCopy mode to copy only data areas for efficient cloning
  • Browser-based user interface to manage all SCSI-NG operations remotely
  • Multi-image master feature allows you to store multiple SCSI-NG created images on a master drive or on a network repository then clone the image to the target

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