HDD Duplicator Solutions

Complete hard disk cloning solutions for 1-to-1, 1-to-many, and many-to-many applications. Hard drive duplication at speeds up to 24 GB/min!

Logicube is a pioneer in hard disk drive duplication technology. Our attention to innovation, quality, performance and ease of use make Logicube’s hard drive duplication solutions the number one choice of businesses around the world. From the simple upgrade of a computer’s hard disk drive, to software deployment across the enterprise or mass duplication of hard drives we have the disk cloning solution you need.

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  • 2-omniscsi1to1003_CP

    The OmniSCSI One-to-One features high-speed, one-to-one, duplication and is capable of duplicating a SCSI master drive to one SCSI target at speeds approaching 6GB/min.

    $2,159.00 Full product page
  • ss-web-220_353

    The SuperSonix hard disk drive duplicator delivers blazing fast cloning at 8GB/min. Portable and simple to use for non-technical personnel.

    $1,939.00 Full product page
  • zxi-web-homepage212_131

    The ZXi is designed for high-volume duplication, clone up to 10 SATA, 8 SAS or 3 USB drives. Ultra-fast cloning speeds of up to 24GB/min. The ZXi features a flat-bed design with removable drive stations.

    $5,399.00 Full product page
  • ZXTower-ANGLE-220-353

    The ZX-T is designed for high-volume sanitizing of hard drives. Wipe up to 8 SATA, 8 SAS or 4 USB drives. Ultra-fast wiping speeds of up to 24GB/min

    $2,051.00 Full product page