Computer Forensics Solutions

Field-ready computer forensic solutions that provide blazing speeds at up to 40GB/min, write-blocking, multi-source/destination imaging, the ability to image to/from a network location and a long list of features that streamline the forensic imaging process!

Logicube digital forensic imaging solutions are developed specifically for the digital forensic investigator and are used by government agencies, federal, state and local law enforcement, military organizations and corporate security around the world. Featuring innovative design, high performance and technologically advanced features these solutions meet today’s challenges in digital forensic investigations.

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  • Forensic Falcon®

    The Forensic Falcon sets a new standard in digital forensics data imaging technology. The Falcon achieves imaging speeds of over 30GB/min*., allows users to image and verify from 4 source drives up to 5 destinations and to image to or from a network location.

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  • Talon® Ultimate

    The Talon Ultimate is a high-performance, feature rich and easy-to-use forensic imaging solution. Extremely fast imaging speeds of over 40GB/min and the ability to image from 1 source to 3 destinations makes it ideal for all your imaging, wiping, hashing tasks. Supports SATA, USB3, PCIe, with optional support for SAS and FireWire available.

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  • WriteProtect™-BAY

    The WriteProtect-BAY supports 6 hard drive interfaces in one device. Supports SAS,SATA, FireWire, USB3.0, PCIe and IDE source drives, and utilizes an ultra-fast Superspeed USB3.0 host connection. The WriteProtect-BAY is designed to fit into a 5.25″, half-height drive bay of a forensic workstation.

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  • WriteProtect™-DESKTOP

    The WriteProtect-DESKTOP is the only portable write-blocker that supports 6 hard drive interfaces in one device. Supports SAS, SATA, FireWire, PCIe, USB3 and IDE source drives. Fast Superspeed USB3.0 host connection. WriteProtect is also available in a bay version, WriteProtect-BAY, for integration into a forensic workstation.

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  • WriteProtect™-PORTABLE

    The WriteProtect-Portable supports PCIe, SATA and USB3.0 interfaces and features a fast Superspeed USB3.0 host connection

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  • ZXi™-Forensic

    The ZXi-Forensic is designed for digital forensic labs. The ZXi-Forensic achieves imaging speeds of over 50GB/min*., allows users to upload forensic images from evidence drives to a network repository. Users can “push” images from 3 evidence drives simultaneously using 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports.

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