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Logicube Now Shipping Total Forensic Solution

Used Together, Logicube’s Three Modular Forensic Products Lend Unparalleled Versatility to Forensic Tools Arsenal

CHATSWORTH, Calif., September 14, 2010 – Logicube® Inc., the industry’s leader in hard drive duplication and eForensics technology, has announced that it is now shipping in volume the MPFS™ (Massive Portable Forensic Storage) and NETConnect™ solutions announced earlier this year.

The MPFS and NETConnect work seamlessly with Logicube’s Forensic Dossier® data capture solution to provide a Total Forensic Solution to digital forensic investigators.

“The Total Forensic Solution streamlines the entire capture, store and connect process,” commented Farid Emrani, executive vice president and COO of Logicube. “Forensic
investigators are continually faced with massive amounts of evidence data that needs to be quickly acquired and put into the analysis phase of the investigation. Designed specifically for digital forensics, these complementary products use the latest technological advances to keep pace with the increasingly complex challenges in this field.”

Investigative teams are often short on manpower due to budgetary issues, and time management is of critical importance. With the bulk of the forensic process occurring in the analysis stage, shortening the time it takes to capture the evidence and get it into analysis can save valuable resources. The faster that data can be captured, the faster that it can go into analysis and move further down the judicial process, freeing up investigators to take on the next case. Investigative teams are often located across geographical areas, and the ability to share Logicube Now Shipping Total Forensic Solution evidence data so that different personnel can work simultaneously on the same data set is equally important to streamline the entire analysis process.

Logicube’s three modular forensic products are specifically designed to work together to give investigators the tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The multi-source, multi-target Forensic Dossier features transfer speeds over 7GB/min and provides support for both DD image format and E01 file format. The MPFS provides up to 8TB of forensic data storage and connects seamlessly to Logicube’s Forensic Dossier data capture solution as well as to the NETConnect networking module. Investigators can capture data directly from suspect hard drives into evidence drives stored safely and securely within the MPFS using the Forensic Dossier. Multiple capture sessions are stored in a JBOD configuration to 3.5” SATA hard drives. The MPFS allows direct connection to a PC via eSATA or USB. Users can preview or transfer data to a PC via write-protected ports on the MPFS.

The NETConnect provides multiple investigators access to a single set of case files. Suspect data captured using Logicube’s Forensic Dossier and stored within the Dossier or Logicube’s MPFS solution can now be accessed remotely. NETConnect can be configured as a “client” for a network file system or as an actual network file system server. Users can preview evidence data, transfer data to pre-defined network locations or initiate a macro from NETConnect’s control panel that will automatically transfer, verify, wipe, and format drives.

The Forensic Dossier, MPFS and NETConnect will be featured in the Logicube booth (#319) at the 2010 HTCIA Conference and Training Expo held in Atlanta, GA., September 19 – September 22.

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Logicube, the industry leader in hard drive and software duplication, back-up and hardware-based computer forensic technologies, was founded in 1993 and offers an extensive line of high-speed, hardware-based solutions. From its corporate headquarters in Chatsworth, CA, the company designs, engineers, manufactures, and distributes its products around the world. Based on innovative design coupled with state-of-the-art technology, Logicube’s product lines offer power, versatility and dependability which are unequaled in the industry. The company’s products are sold directly, as well as through a growing family of international distributors, and authorized dealers.