Hard Drive Duplication
Logicube understands that military organizations require equipment that provides durability, reliability, high-performance and ease of use. IT departments in installations across all branches of the military use Logicube’s hard drive duplication solutions for a variety of purposes; to deploy software for new PCs and laptops, for PC management and repair depots, for deploying new images to PCs used in combat areas and for maintaining imaging on gaming PCs used by off-duty military personnel. These range from hand-held one to one solutions to multi-target hard drive duplicators. Logicube provides our military customers with proven technology that meets the exacting standards for quality and performance these organizations require.


Digital Forensics
Whether it is for strategic or tactical commands, military special operations units need reliable, rugged digital forensics solutions. In warfare and counter terrorism Logicube’s solutions, both for computer data capture and for mobile device data extraction, provide real-time, critical intelligence that can help identify potential threats. Chosen by military organizations around the world, our solutions standup to the toughest field environments.