With computer crime rising at an alarming rate, the demand for computer forensics is expanding. Once strictly in the domain of law enforcement, computer forensics is moving quickly into corporate America. Corporate IT and information security professionals are racing to protect themselves from employees spilling trade secrets, from a “back door” that a security manager might have left for himself, or discovering incriminating spreadsheets, letters and Emails to prove embezzlement.

US companies spend millions of dollars on computer forensics and that amount is expected to grow at an even faster pace over the foreseeable future. Corporations are finding out that to protect their organization with a real security program, they need to know how digital crimes are committed, how to gather the evidence, and how to collaborate with law enforcement as the case evolves. In-house expertise is needed for performing proper computer forensics to protect further damage to systems, company assets and reputation. Many are learning the hard way that strict forensic processes must be adhered to if they expect the evidence they submit to stand up in court.

While many software solutions exist to copy digital information, most of these prove inadequate in many situations. They may leave the door open for defense attorneys to shoot down the case, citing rare but real possibilities that the data may have been tampered with. Verifying the authenticity of electronic evidence is crucial for conviction.

Hardware solutions, like Logicube Forensic solutions are used to quickly copy hard drives including deleted or encrypted files, and are becoming mainstay tools for IT security. Not only are these tools unquestionably accurate, they are five or six times faster than software solutions. This is especially important in cases where the copy of the suspect drive must be made in a clandestine fashion or when the computer forensic specialist has a brief period of time to capture the data.

Computer Forensics is now being used extensively in the following arenas:


  • Insurance fraud discovery
  • Medical fraud discovery
  • Fighting child porn
  • Tracking down Missing children
  • Detecting and prosecuting money laundering
  • Identification and prosecution of Identity theft
  • Employee misuse of the internet
  • Fighting Espionage
  • Intelligence gathering for any criminal activity
  • Accounting fraud investigations

Logicube offers the world’s most sophisticated computer forensic hard disk data recovery system. Logicube customers include the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, IRS, INS, NSA, DEA, ATF, Military Intelligence, NATO, Scotland Yard, Private Investigators, and many other law enforcement agencies, corporate security and IT personnel.