Corporate IT

Hard Drive Duplication
IT professionals are facing many challenges in today’s business environment; drive capacities are in the terabytes and growing exponentially, larger application and file sizes are prevalent and 24/7 user access to network and e-mail makes it difficult to perform routine administrative processes. IT departments in small to large businesses rely on Logicube’s hard drive duplication solutions to perform routine cloning and wiping tasks. Easy to use, these devices do not require extensive training and because they are hardware-based they do not tie up the network like software-based solutions. Further, there are no costly license fees associated with our products. Our customers range from sole proprietors to members of the Fortune 100. These users depend on the reliability and quality built in to every Logicube duplicator. Our solutions include hand-held portable solutions to multi-target cloning devices that are used for software deployment across the enterprise, back-ups, new computer/laptop deployment, secure data deletion and hard drive upgrades.