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Powerful, Blazing Fast, Next Generation Hard Drive Duplicator

August 1, 2016, Chatsworth, CA. Logicube® Inc., the industry’s leader in hard drive duplication and digital forensics, has announced the addition of the SuperSonix®-NG to its premier line of high performance hard disk drive cloning solutions. The SuperSonix-NG is the next generation of the widely popular Sonix® and SuperSonix® duplicators.

“Logicube has been developing hard drive duplication products for IT professionals since 1999.The Sonix® & it’s successor the SuperSonix® 1 master to 1 target cloning solutions have been used in government, corporate and military environments for over 10 years. Our customers demand solutions that keep pace with the newest hard drive technologies. The SuperSonix-NG next-generation duplicator offers the fastest cloning speed in the industry, 3 times faster than its predecessor, SuperSonix, and provides innovative and cutting-edge technology with the reliability and ease-of-use Logicube is known for,” stated Mr. Farid Emrani, President and CEO of Logicube.

The SuperSonix-NG provides extremely fast cloning speeds at 24GB/min, supports SATA and USB3.0, with optional support for SAS and FireWire drives. Cloning modes include Mirror Copy, a bit-for-bit copy, and CleverCopy mode which copies only data areas, skips blank sectors and scales partitions to the target. The compact size of the SuperSonix-NG makes it perfect for the workbench or mobile on-site applications. The unit also features an optional networking feature that allows the user to clone to/from a network repository.

“Along with the peerless speed of 24GB/min and ability to clone from 1 master to 1 target, this advanced solution gives users the flexibility of cloning from multiple master drives to multiple targets simultaneously, up to 4 masters to 4 targets with the FireWire option enabled. The SuperSonix-NG is perfect for any drive cloning tasks including software and O/S upgrades, new PC rollouts and content distribution,” commented Mr. Emrani.

The SuperSonix-NG offers an optional hash verification feature to verify the exact replication of the source drive. The unit can safely and securely sanitize hard drives using a Secure Erase mode, a custom pass setting or a powerful DoD 7 pass wipe mode. The SuperSonix-NG’s multi-session feature increases productivity with the capability to clone, wipe and hash hard drives concurrently. The solution also features remote operation, allowing you to control all operations from a remote computer using a web browser.

The SuperSonix-NG will start shipping in August 2016. The solution will be available for purchase from Logicube’s ecommerce website, through international distributors or direct from Logicube.

About Logicube
Logicube is the world’s leader in hard drive duplication and digital forensic solutions. Founded in 1993, with headquarters in Chatsworth, California, Logicube is dedicated to delivering reliable, innovative, state-of-the-art solutions for users worldwide. The company’s products are sold direct to users, through international distributors and authorized dealers world-wide. Visit their website at http://www.logicube.com or follow Logicube on Twitter, @LogicubeUSA.