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Logicube Launches Line of Write-Blockers

June 30, 2015 Chatsworth, CA. Logicube® Inc., the industry’s leader in hard drive duplication and eForensics technology, has announced the addition of WriteProtect™, a new line of hardware-based forensic write-blockers, to its family of high performance digital forensic solutions.

The WriteProtect is available in a portable standalone version called WriteProtect-DESKTOP, and a convenient bay model, the WriteProtect-BAY. The bay version fits easily into a standard 5.25” half-height drive bay of a forensic workstation.

“Our WriteProtect-DESKTOP is the only portable write-blocker on the market that supports five different drive interfaces in one device, making it the ideal solution for field acquisitions. Furthermore, continuing our tradition of industry “firsts”, unique features such as a browser-based interface and the ability to connect and image multiple drives simultaneously have been included in our WriteProtect solutions,” commented Farid Emrani, President and CEO of Logicube. “These technology innovations give the WriteProtect solutions a clear advantage over the current write-blockers on the market”, continued Emrani.

The WriteProtect solutions provide write-blocked access to SAS, SATA, USB3.0, FireWire and IDE suspect hard drives. Both the WriteProtect-BAY and WriteProtect-DESKTOP include 2 SAS/SATA, 1 USB3.0, and 1 FireWire source drive ports. IDE support is provided with an adapter that is included with the units. Powered by a Superspeed USB3.0 host connection, fast access to large capacity hard drives is assured. Multiple source drives can be connected to the WriteProtect solutions and then imaged simultaneously using your own forensic imaging software.

Both versions of WriteProtect have a Gigabit Ethernet port allowing you to connect to a network and use a browser-based user interface to preview drive content and to control and manage all WriteProtect operations, including software updates. HPA and DCO detection is also supported via the browser-based interface. The solutions also feature five LEDs for power, host, device, activity, and HPA/DCO detection to allow easy monitoring of processes.

“Logicube has been a pioneer in the forensic imaging market and the leading manufacturer of hard drive forensic imaging solutions since 1993. We now intend, with the announcement of the WriteProtect product line, to become a pioneer and the new leader in the write-blocker market as well ,” commented Mr. Emrani.

The powerful WriteProtect-DESKTOP and WriteProtect-BAY give digital forensic professionals the ability to quickly and securely write-block suspect hard drives for both previewing and imaging. Logicube will begin shipping the WriteProtect solutions in early July 2015.

About Logicube
Logicube is the world’s leader in hard drive duplication and eForensics solutions. Founded in 1993, with headquarters in Chatsworth, California, Logicube is dedicated to delivering reliable, innovative, state-of-the-art solutions for users worldwide. The company’s products are sold direct to end users, through international distributors and authorized dealers world-wide. For more information visit their website at http://www.logicube.com or follow Logicube on Twitter, @LogicubeUSA.