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Logicube Announces New President & CEO

August 24, 2012, Chatsworth, CA. Logicube® Inc., the industry’s leader in hard drive duplication technology, has announced that Jack Schuster, chairman, president and CEO will retire as president & CEO of the company, effective August 21, 2012. Schuster will remain as chairman of the Logicube Board of Directors, where he will continue to provide leadership and support.

The board voted unanimously to appoint Mr. Farid Emrani to succeed Schuster as President and CEO of Logicube. Emrani is currently the Executive Vice-President and COO and is responsible for the day to day operations as well as implementation of the company direction and strategic planning.

“Over the 7 years I’ve been privileged to work with Farid, I have found him to have an outstanding dedication to Logicube, and his commitment to running this company in an efficient and effective manner is consistent with the manner by which I have tried to do business, “ said Schuster. His personal work and ethical behavior are above reproach and I believe he is an ideal individual to carry Logicube’s successes into the future. I have great confidence in Farid’s leadership abilities.”

Mr. Emrani began his career at Logicube in 2005. Prior to joining the company he held various engineering, marketing and sales positions in the high technology sector with Xerox Corporation, Lucent Technologies and Agere Systems. Emrani has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering as well as a Master of Science degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of California Los Angeles.

“I am gratified and honored by the trust that Logicube’s Board of Directors has placed in me with this election,” commented Emrani. “I am committed to this company’s continued progress and will dedicate my efforts towards maintaining the tradition set forth by Jack, aimed at success and profitability for Logicube and its shareholders, and offering products and services that benefit Logicube’s customers and partners.”

About Logicube®
Logicube® is the world’s leader in hard drive duplication and eForensics solutions. Founded in 1993, with headquarters in Chatsworth, California, Logicube is dedicated to delivering reliable, innovative, state-of-the-art solutions for users worldwide. The company’s products are sold direct to users including government agencies, law enforcement, military, corporate IT departments, and through international distributors world-wide. Visit their website at http://www.logicube.com or follow us on Twitter, @LogicubeUSA.