Software Downloads

The latest software and firmare version for your Logicube product is listed below. Click on the file to start the download.Instructions for installing your software is included in the ZIP file. We provide frequent software updates to add features and improve performance. Check back often to be sure you have the latest version. If you need assistance in updating the software on your Logicube product please contact our technical support department at or 818-700-8488.

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Product Documentation

The latest product documentation for your Logicube product is listed below. This includes product manuals, technical or application notes and other documentation to assist you while using your device. Click on any title to download the document as a PDF. If you need assistance in downloading or any questions regarding these documents please contact our technical support department at or 818-700-8488.

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Product FAQ

Can I clone external USB HDDs directly with my SuperSonix?

No. Cloning USB HDDs requires you to use one of three optional devices. You could use a LogicubeOmniPort along with the USB HDDs power supply or either the SAS or SCSI adapter with the optional USB feature enabled. Contact Logicube sales for more information on purchasing these options for SuperSonix.

What type of drives can I clone with SuperSonix?

SuperSonix will natively support SATA and PATA(IDE) drives. Laptop drives can be cloned with the optional CloneCard PRO PCMCIA adapter or directly using optional adapters and cables such as the 1.8″, 2.5″ and ZIF adapters. 1.8″ microSATA drives are supported with the optional microSATA cable and eSATA drives with the optional eSATA drive cable.
Can I clone Ghost images created using third party software?

Yes, however, in order for the clone to be useful as a Ghost image going forward, Mirror Mode must be used. Since third party software may perform changes to the drive, image or partition, Clever Mode may not copy it properly.

What is the largest capacity hard disk drive that SuperSonix can support?

SuperSonix currently supports HDDs up to 2TB, however, support for greater than 2TB drives is planned for a future release. Contact our technical support department for the latest information regarding this subject.

Are Logicube duplicators compatible with Windows 7 operating system?

The Echo Plus, Sonix, SuperSonix, OmniClone Xi and OmniSAS products are compatible with Windows 7 operating system. Special instructions must be followed to clone Windows 7 drives using CleverCopy mode if the destination drive is larger than the source drive or if the source drives contains a “recovery” partion and Selective Partitions software is required. Please note that at this time, MasterManager is not compatible with Windows 7, compatibility will be provided in a future software update. Please see information in the Windows 7 Cloning Guide or the specific Logicube duplicator’s users guide or contact our Technical Support department for assistance.

Can Logicube products clone mSATA (also known as mini-SATA) solid state drives?

These solid state drives use a PCI-e connector with a SATA interface. To clone these type drives you will need to purchase an off-the-shelf mSATA to SATA drive adapter, such as the M-Factors model # MF25-mSATA which can be found on their website at

Can Logicube products be used with Panasonic Toughbook enclosures?

Logicube solutions can be used with these enclosures, however, a special Panasonic SATA adapter must be used. These adapters can be purchased thorugh various online retail sites. Contact Panasonic directly for more information regarding this adapter. Part Number: CF-K30JG001, Description: CF-30/19/74/52 HDD Connector.

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