PCIe Bridge for ZCloneXi

Software Downloads

The latest software version for your Logicube product is listed below. We provide frequent software updates to add features and improve performance. PCIe Bridge software can be updated directly from PCIe Bridge via an internet connection or via a USB drive. Please refer to the PCIe Bridge Quick Start Guide, the software update instructions or the readme.txt on this page or contact Logicube support for instructions.

Date Version Description Download Size
2017-11-07 1.1 PCIe Bridge SW Update Instructions PCIe Bridge SW Update instructions 555kb
2019-02-25 1.0u3 PCIe Bridge Software PCIe Bridge software version 1.0u3.zip 29286kb
2019-02-25 1.0u3 PCIe Bridge Software readme PCIe Bridge software v1.0u3-readme.txt 7kb

If you need assistance in updating the software on your Logicube product please contact our technical support department at techsupport@logicube.com or 818-700-8488.

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Product Documentation

A Quick Start Guide for the PCIe Bridge is below. This adapter is designed to be used exclusively with the ZCloneXi hard drive duplicator from Logicube.

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Product FAQ

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