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The Echo Plus has been discontinued. Go to Logicube hard drive duplicators to see the latest products.

The latest software version for your Logicube product is listed below. Click on the file to start the download. If you need assistance in updating the software on your Logicube product please contact our technical support department at or 818-700-8488.

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Product Documentation

The latest product documentation for your Logicube product is listed below. This includes product manuals, technical or application notes and other documentation to assist you while using your device. Click on any title to download the document as a PDF. If you need assistance in downloading or any questions regarding these documents please contact our technical support department at or 818-700-8488.

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Product FAQ

Why do I sometimes see transfer speeds as fast as 2.5GB/min, and other times as slow as 200MB/min?

There are many factors that determine transfer speed:
The age of the drives – The speed of the operation is governed by the slowest drive in the system. If an old drive is used, chances are it cannot sustain high transfer speed.
The type of operation performed – When cloning FAT16 partitions, it is sometimes necessary to change the cluster class of the partition. It such cases, the Echo™ “engages” a more complex algorithm to ensure proper alignment of structures on the target. This results in a slower process.

Can you briefly explain the difference between mirror copy and CleverCopy™?

Mirror copy merely copies all sectors in a given partition (or drive) from the beginning to the specified percentage. It does not look at drive structures, and can thus copy any type of known or unknown data. Since Mirror copy does not determine where useful data start and stop, it ends up copying every sector on the drive, a time consuming operation.
CleverCopy™ analyzes the drive structures, and not only does it only copy sectors that are occupied by useful files and data, it also adjusts the various drive structures to assure a valid and fully partitioned target drive. CleverCopy™ is by far the most recommended mode of cloning.

Are Logicube duplicators compatible with Windows 7 operating system?

The Echo Plus, Sonix, SuperSonix, OmniClone Xi and OmniSAS products are compatible with Windows 7 operating system. Special instructions must be followed to clone Windows 7 drives using CleverCopy mode if the destination drive is larger than the source drive or if the source drives contains a “recovery” partion and Selective Partitions software is required. Please note that at this time, MasterManager is not compatible with Windows 7, compatibility will be provided in a future software update. Please see information in the Windows 7 Cloning Guide or the specific Logicube duplicator’s users guide or contact our Technical Support department for assistance.

Can I copy from a larger drive to a smaller drive?

Yes. As long as the data content of each partition fits into the scaled down size of its corresponding partition. Otherwise, an error message will be displayed indicating that the Echo/Solitaire/OmniClone cannot fit data to the target drive(s).
NTFS partitions can be scaled down by approximately 60% due to the master file table that resides in the center of each partition. The error “Cannot fit data to target” can also be caused by a badly fragmented master drive. In such cases, defragmenting the master will generally resolve the issue.

Can I clone to/from laptop drives?

Yes. Logicube sells 2.5″ drive adapters, and can provide adapters to many of the special drive connections on the market. Please call for availability. Or, in cases where the drive cannot be removed from the laptop, you can use the parallel port connection or the CloneCard™ for coping through the PCMCIA interface.

Can I clone drives with virus protection software installed?

Yes. But remember to decline the “repair” of the target drive should a virus protection program complain about altered master boot record etc.

Can Logicube products clone mSATA (also known as mini-SATA) solid state drives?

These solid state drives use a PCI-e connector with a SATA interface. To clone these type drives you will need to purchase an off-the-shelf mSATA to SATA drive adapter, such as the M-Factors MF25-mSATA

Can I clone to/from drives larger than 80 Gigabytes?

Yes. The firmware was designed to support drives up to at least 1TB, in some cases larger than 1TB drives are supported. Check with Logicube Technical Support department for specific information on your model.

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