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Falcon-NEO User Review

“…Logicube has once again produced the most complete state of the art extremely user-friendly solution for digital forensic investigations and IT management with the Forensic Falcon®-NEO.” “This is a must have tool in any forensic or IT security/management department.”-John (Zeke) Thackray
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John (Zeke) Thackray is the Vice President and Global Head Training of GetData Forensics USA, based in Los Angeles and responsible for global forensic services and training. Zeke is a former British Police Detective who specialized in hi-tech crime from the early 1990’s. He was responsible for the establishment and development of the New Zealand Police Electronic Crime Unit based in Auckland. He has also been responsible for the establishment of corporate computer forensic facilities such as Ernst and Young in Australia and the IBM Global IT Security Incident Response Group. Zeke considers himself an investigator first and an educator second.