Use Cases

“…Logicube has once again produced the most complete state of the art extremely user-friendly solution for digital forensic investigations and IT management with the Forensic Falcon®-NEO.” “This is a must have tool in any forensic or IT security/management department.”-John (Zeke) Thackray
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“Playing with our new toy. SSD forensic imaging with Falcon-Neo speed peaks at 43+ GB/min!!
256GB (SSD) drive imaged and hash verified within 11:42 minutes (SSD destination)! You are going to love it and get additional time for documentation and analysis.” John Perea, Managing Director, SecBusters, Inc.

“I endorse this product! (Falcon-NEO). We have field tested this in our labs and the results are amazing! Make sure to buy the (PCIe) adapter kit as well as you will need it!” Andy Garrett, Garrett Discovery

“We flew from Chicago to South Korea with Falcon in a suitcase. We call it our “Jump Bag”. Our team was able to duplicate 30 PCs in one day and get the office back up and running in 9 hours. ”
Senior Forensics Investigator, US-Based Global IT Consulting Firm

“It’s versatile – the kind of product that will get you out of a jam. We haven’t run into a situation when the Forensic Falcon didn’t work. The Falcon can image multiple devices and send to different locations simultaneously.”
Senior Forensics Associate, Leading International Professional Services Firm

“Overall, I’m very satisfied with the Logicube Forensic Dossier. I have had a couple days this year where I imaged twice as many computers as some of my colleagues using older imaging utilities in the same amount of time, and that made them very jealous. I’ve posted a review on my blog at”
– Dan O’Day

“Good Job on the Supersonix, it has been working great and I think the most amazing feature is the HD repair, we have used it several times and it has successfully repaired drives before we can duplicate them”
– Enrico Bozzetti, Excelled

“Our organization has two of your SuperSonix duplicators. We just got the new one this spring, as the old one was slower. We’ve enjoyed what it does and found that we could use it for DOD drive wiping as well as duplicating drives.

I had some problems a couple of weeks ago with my personal computer, and I tried a few things to recover what I could, but I was having problems. After getting a new replacement drive I thought I’d try the duplicator to get the information off the damaged drive. It took over 24 hours to complete duplication on a 750GB drive, but to my amazement, it booted and with a quick scan both my Windows and Linux partitions were working perfectly.

I don’t know what tiny wizards you put into your machines, but I am very thankful that your product works so well. Thank you for a great product. It’s the best.”
-John Funk

“I wanted to take a quick moment to let you know that we are extremely happy with the new Logicube Dossier! The construction, performance and features are all excellent. We especially like the new touch screen menu and how easy it is to find exactly what we need. The ability to image two separate drives simultaneously to two separate destinations is nothing short of incredible. The rugged briefcase with flashlight, screwdriver, etc. is a really nice touch. Please let your development team know how happy we are with this excellent new tool.”
– Matt Firth

“Just performed my first clone with this new machine (SuperSonix).Wonderful product, very easy to use. Excellent! Now if you guys could make one that would clone humans, I wouldn’t need to work late every night!”
– Matt Johnson
Drivetech, Inc.

“Your cloning devices have revolutionized our process. We were using DVD’s to image boxes at 1 hour and 1/2 per box. And we had to power up each and every box to image the disk. We are now down to 10 disks in 3.5 minutes. Thanks for a great product.”
– U.S.Army

“I had a chance to operate the OmniSCSI unit this weekend. I had to clone a 73GB server boot HD and was able to do that in 45 minutes. This unit is far, far superior ( not even in the same league) with the competition. The machine is solid and well-built. The screens are easy to understand and operate. I’ve used lots and lots of cloning units and inspected many, many more. This one is top on the list – by far the best I’ve seen for one-on-one work. Y’all have a real winner here. Count me as a satisfied customer.”
– Ross Rogers
Systems Development & Consulting

“I work for a large systems integrator in New York. We’ve tried cloning our clients’ via the network using different software. But this is very frustrating and extremely costly. We met a representative from Logicube at this year’s PC Expo New York. After reviewing Logicube’s product line, we decided to buy an Omniclone 15 hard drive cloning system. With muliple configurations required to ship each day, we started utilizing the Logicube cloning unit. The menu system was easy to understand and navigate. The cloning speeds were 10 times faster than other software solutions, and we saved a lot on licensing fees. The system paid for itself in less than 30 days.”
– Randy Moore
Systems Integration, Inc

“Thanks to Logicube, we’ve slashed our licensing fees and sped up our software cloning with the Solitaire Turbo. What used to take me hours over the network, now takes just minutes. Every department I service is amazed at what this powerhouse can do. I bet we have dozens of units now, all over the company. Logicube, you have a winner.”
– Edward Rimzey
Hewlett Packard

“We just purchased an OmniSCSI®. We recently had to clone a Unix system. The unit was about 8 years old and we had tried to clone it with a software solution in the past, without success. Guess what … OmniSCSI cloned it like a charm. Great device!”
– Elval
Aluminum Products Manufacturer

“Thank-you a million, I received the two laptop adapters that you recommended yesterday. Today I was able to successfully clone all 24 laptops in less than 3 hours. Thanks to you, many hours of configuration and installation was avoided by the use of the Solitaire Turbo that I purchased a couple of months ago and the laptop adapters that you recommended to me last week. The Solitaire Turbo has lived in my school district for about three months, and already has paid for itself PLUS, just in the man hours that it has saved me. In three month time period, I am figuring that we cloned at least 50 machines. This would equal at least 200 hours of setup and installation. The cloning machine did these in less than a tenth of the time. If you figured the balance of 180 hours times my wage as network manager, it has saved the district over $3000 already. I would be very happy to recommend you product to other network administrators in my area. It has been an investment well worth its weight in gold.”
– Tim DeCarr
South Louis School District

“For the last couple of years I have successfully used Logicube’s SF-5000u data capturing unit. A recent large investigation made an investment in your new Talon unit feasible, and I want to tell you how pleased I am with the Talon. Its ease of use is remarkable and the improved speed, both in wiping clean a destination drive and then capturing a target drive, are impressive. I am delighted with the new equipment. I have also been impressed from the beginning of my relationship with Logicube with the level of customer support you provide. I don’t know of any company that does it better. I am looking forward to a continuing relationship.

Please feel free to pass my comments on to others.

With warmest regards,”
– David E. Mensel

“To All,

First, I want to thank the support team for going the extra mile to help us get our Omniclone 2U firmware upgraded. When we finally got it working, Louie, Nick and Vaughn had each participated in this project. Being in a restricted environment makes things a little bit tougher when working with “outside” support. Thanks for understanding our special problems and for finding a way to get the job done. Although we have had it for several months, we had only been able to use the Omniclone in 100% mirror mode (About 45 minutes per 40 gig drive). The upgrade enables us to do a duplication run in five or six minutes, a seven or eightfold decrease in time. Needless to say, there were a lot of smiles here when the first two drives booted and ran successfully. Keep up the good work.”

– Network Administrator
US Department of State

“Given just 6 days to install new software on over 100 personal computers, setup profiles, and ensure that the systems were ready for an e-mail migration, and knowing that the loads with the old system took 2 hours per system, I knew we needed something different. So, I went out searching and found the Logicude Sonix. I talked to Todd Bellows, purchased the item, he had it to me the next morning. I unpacked it, and within 30 minutes we were cloning machines. Not only did we get the computers ready for the migration, but we were finished a day early. What a machine. We have now purchased a second Sonix and are now ready for the next challenge. Thanks Todd.”
– Dirk A. Roemmich, MCSE
Procurement Analyst
US Air Force Base

“We’ve tested and evaluated many disk duplicating machines, but none have performed as well as the Logicube Disk Duplicating System. The ease of operation and accurate consistency allowed us to quickly make a purchasing decision. The two button process makes it even easy for an end-user to perform completely. Thank you Logicube for helping us with our hard drive solutions.”
– Michael DiMaggio
Daimler Chrystler

“The Triangle United Way’s Teaming for Technology program, with a staff of two dedicated employees, has given out a record 1,752 refurbished systems in 2006. The addition of a Solitaire Turbo from Logicube enables us to copy hard drives in minutes without expensive software licensing issues. Therefore, computer donations from caring individuals and businesses go right back to the community to those in need without delay. The Solitaire Turbo made our record year possible and now hundres of families with low-incomes have technology in their homes and numerous local schools are better equipped to bridge the digital divide. The Solitaire Turbo has been a very reliable, easy to use tool that fascinates our volunteers by how fast it copies one hard drive to another. Teaming for Technology is grateful for the help and prompt assistance when needed from the Logicube team and absolutely recommends the product.”
– Joe Burgess
Teaming for Technology
Triangle United Way

“I wanted to thank Logicube once again. Yesterday my laptop with all my e-mail data crashed. I tried everything to bring it back up. I ran the hard drive utilities, Dell diagnostics, Safe mode, the command console and finally tried to run a repair using my Windows XP disk. None of that worked, in fact if anything the situation got worse. As a last resort I pulled out my old grey Solitaire and ran the repair utility. Sure enough after it finished I was able to boot the computer and rescue my data! To date, this the eleventh time ( I started to keep track after the 3rd time) Logicube has bailed me out of a hard drive failure that no other means at my disposal could. Great product, Thanks!”

– Chris Motta
Mcguire AFB, NJ

“I needed to clone 60 laptop computers for an important client but my imaging software continued to give me corrupt copies. I decided to call Logicube. They overnighted a Solitaire Turbo to me along with their new USB adapter. The unit was simple to use and fast. I copied all 60 laptops (which had U.S.B. ports) in one day. All this with a one-to-one hard drive duplicator. I was able to ship the configured laptops to my client on time. What a gem.”
– Tim Brocklin
San Diego, CA