Company Profile

Logicube is one of the oldest manufacturers of hard drive duplication and forensic acquisition hardware in the industry. We have been pioneers in this space since our inception in 1993. We have been able to be successful in this space due to our core values.

We believe:

1) Listening to our customers is the most important thing we can do. Many of the best ideas come directly from our customers.

2) Honesty is the best policy. We will not ever sell a system or device that does not solve the problem our customer is trying to solve.

3) Our employees are among the best in the entire industry. We have spent a lot of time making sure we have the right people in the right roles so we can serve our customers needs better than anyone else.


Management Biographies

Farid Emrani, President, Chief Executive Officer
Farid has been a member of Logicube’s executive team and its Board of Directors since 2006 and the company’s CEO since 2012. Prior to joining Logicube he spent 13 years at Xerox Corporation in Engineering and Product Development, and 7 years with Lucent Technologies and Agere Systems in senior Marketing and Sales positions. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering as well as a Master of Science degree in electronics engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Jeffrey Schuster, Chief Financial Officer and co-founder
Jeff has been actively involved with Logicube for 17 years. He started his career in sales and moved through the ranks all the way to Chief Financial Officer. Jeff has a Bachelor of Science degree in business from Tulane University.

Gabi Abraham, Director of Development & Technology
Gabi joined the Logicube team in 2008, but has been working in technology related to hard drive duplication and digital forensics technology for over 20 years. Gabi has a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and computer science from Tel-Aviv University.

Todd Bellows, Director of National Sales
Todd has been with Logicube since 1999. Todd is responsible for all domestic sales for the company, including government and major accounts.

Chris Hernandez, Director of Operations
Chris joined Logicube in 2003. Chris is responsible for all areas of operations including assembly, production, quality, procurement and shipping.