The Advantages of Hardware-Based Forensic Imagers

How to Streamline the Digital Evidence Collection Process Using Hardware-Based Digital Forensic Imaging Solutions in the Lab or On-Scene As a pioneer in the manufacture of hardware-based digital forensic imaging solutions, we are often asked about the advantages of hardware-based …

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WriteProtect-Portable Review

A review of Logicube’s WriteProtect™-PORTABLE forensic write-blocker has been published by Forensic Focus. Forensic Focus is the web’s leading digital forensics portal for computer forensics and eDiscovery professionals. To visit the site go to

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Falcon-NEO User Review

“…Logicube has once again produced the most complete state of the art extremely user-friendly solution for digital forensic investigations and IT management with the Forensic Falcon®-NEO.” “This is a must have tool in any forensic or IT security/management department.”-John (Zeke) …

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