Forensic Falcon™

Setting A New Standard

Without exception, the fastest and most technologically advanced forensic imaging solution available.The Falcon achieves 23GB/min imaging speed. A feature-packed, power-rich performance in a space-saving footprint that provides expandability to meet future technological advances in digital forensics. The Falcon sets a new standard of excellence in digital forensic data imaging solutions.

  • Image & verify from 4 source drives to 5 destinations
  • Preview suspect drive contents directly on the Falcon
  • Image to/from a network location
  • Remote operation with a web-based browser interface
  • Parallel Imaging. Image a source drive to multiple destination drives using different imaging formats

Falcon™ Product Reviews

“…the Forensic Falcon is the most complete and extremely user-friendly solution for digital forensic investigations.”John Thackray.Read the complete review

“…All in all, this is the type of product that we can highly recommend that digital investigators add to their set of tools.”eForensics Magazine. Read the complete review

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